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This site is here to help parents and children better understand how to use Google Classroom and to read and submit your work to your teacher. We also discuss some important tips for online safety and how to leave a positive "digital footprint"

Class Codes are provided for classrooms and you should join these classes! If you know of someone less fortunate and unable to view online content you should alert your teacher so that she/he may inform the school

We'll discuss some basic troubleshooting tips if you get stuck and you can even submit a feature request, be it a lesson, a class or a workflow 🙂

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How to Use Google Classroom for your school work

Google Classroom is simply a container for your work. It allows FPS to administer your work , set quizzes and assist. It's a platform for communication between teachers, parents and children.

Google Classroom is not a complete solution by any means, but it forms part of your learning. In this section Miss Rule, Mrs Salmons, Mrs Martinaglia and Mr Steenkamp show you how to hand in work, how to troubleshoot basic problems and many other things you should be doing in your Classrooms.

Google Account & Services - Single Sign-on

Before you can hand in work and start using Google Classroom it is VERY important to understand how Google integrates with Drive, Gmail, Classroom as well as other amazing products. Login, switch accounts, communicate and share your work!

Google Drive

This is where your work is saved. You can save work, arrange work and share work from here.


Your email lets you email teachers and receive email from teachers.


View your assignment due dates. Live classroom dates or just manage your time better.


Where you classroom activities and work are submitted. You will also submit work from here.


Every day we face a few challenges. Fortunately there are some basic things you can do yourself to fix most common issues. On this page we deal with permission errors, sound and video errors. Browser errors and login details.

We show you which platforms to use to request assistance.

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Work in Progress

We are still working on the site and learning the best ways to assist our learners and parents! If you have any suggestions please visit the Feature Request page and submit a response and we'll get back to you ASAP 😄